Where To Buy Your Baby Halloween Costumes in 2021

Baby Halloween
Baby Halloween

Although the Pandemic limits our activities, don’t restrain your baby and your family from having fun this Halloween.  It’s time to stock up your little one’s wardrobe with some cute costumes for this Spooktober! Don’t know where to start? Here we have some tips on where to buy Halloween costumes in 2021 and some suggestions for you. Let’s check them out!

Online Stores Are The Top Choice

As the Covid-19 Pandemic is still doing bits here and there, people tend to switch to online shopping platforms for many products nowadays. This is, of course, including fashion items and baby apparel are no exception.  While it’s not as practical as getting things from the malls or stores, buying your baby clothes online comes with several perks.  It’s time-saving, more convenient, and it’s much safer for you and your family in this period.

Several online stores are providing bonuses for the Spooky Season. Speaking of which, you should check out the Halloween event at BabyOutlet. This is our favorite store as their products are of top-tier quality while being very affordable. During their Halloween events, you will be able to grab some cute and fancy baby Halloween costumes at reasonable prices, as well as tons of other benefits. So don’t miss it!

Online shopping

Do-It-Yourself Costumes

If this is your baby’s first Halloween, dressing them will be more for Instagramming rather than for Trick-Or-Treat. It’s not a good idea to spend a large amount of money on their Halloween costumes. And in this case, a DIY set would be a better choice.  From cute fruits, adorable pets, or mysterious characters, there are plenty of DIY Halloween costumes ideas that you can find online. You can even design your own family’s matching or mother-child matching Halloween that will surely get you many likes on Instagram.

Our Baby Halloween Costume Suggestion

Little Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkins and Halloween are a perfect match. Moreover, Pumpkin is also an excellent nickname for a baby if they don’t have one yet. Transform your baby into a cute Jack-O-Lantern that everybody will love with this costume. 

Baby Little Pumpkin Costume

Witch Costume

Witches are one of the most popular themes for Halloween. You can easily craft a witch outfit for your baby or toddler from simple material instead of buying a whole new set.

Baby Witch Costume

Avocado Costume

Simple, Cute, Comfortable, and super SMOOTH! This costume will surely spark many giggles for both your baby and your family this Halloween.

Toddler Avocado Costume

Little Chicken Costume

The Little Chicken Costume is cute, and your little one is also adorable. So what happens when they meet? CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Baby Little Chicken costume

What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your Baby Costumes

  • Make sure your baby is warm and comfortable: It can be pretty breezy during the Halloween season, so your baby’s costume needs to keep them toasty and comfortable. So, go for pieces made from linen or wool for extra warmth.
  • Wash the costume before dressing your child:  No matter where you get your baby’s outfits, washing them before use will prevent any unwanted irritation that may harm your cuttie’s sensitive skin.
  • Buy it a size up: it won’t hurt to buy something that is a size bigger than their normal clothes. This will help to make sure they are comfortable no matter the weather. It’ll be loose if it’s too warm and layered if it’s cold.
  • Dress your baby in some layers: starting with a tank top or simple undershirt can add some significant warmth. If you have a few lighter layers, your kiddos can take them off as they get moving and warm up.
  • Beware of overheating: Don’t go for costumes that are too thick or have too many layers to minimize the risk of overheating on your baby.
  • Don’t forget the little fingers, toes, and faces: a young child’s head, face, ears, hands, and feet are most prone to cold exposure and may cause frostbite to your baby.  So, don’t forget to put protection in these areas.
Kids go Trick-or-treating

Bottom Line

And there you go, now you have our tips on where to buy your baby Halloween costumes in 2021. We hope that our suggestions will help you grab the best outfits for your child this season. If you have any other suggestions, please share them with us in the comment section!