Tips To Keep Your Breasts Stay Beautiful after Childbirth

It’s is a fact that breast milk is the best source of nutrients for your newborn. Therefore, it is always recommended that you breastfeed your baby regularly. However, due to different hormonal changes both during pregnancy and the nursing period, your breast will have significant changes. They can be larger and more sensitive than usual. After weaning, some women find their breasts back to the pre-nursing size, the others find their breasts stay large, sink, or become saggy. This is one of the biggest concerns for new mothers nowadays as it makes your breast looks less attractive. So to help you deal with this problem, here are our tips to keep your breasts stay beautiful after weaning.

Breastfeeding Properly

Some women think breastfeeding will make their breasts saggy.  But that concept is not completely true. As your body has different changes during pregnancy, your breast will be enlarged to produce and store milk for your baby. Your weight gain during pregnancy is also a make your boobs bigger. This will stretch your breast skin throughout the breastfeeding period. And after you wean your baby, milk will disappear and your breast tissues will shrink down. If the breast tissue shrinks down, but the skin stays stretched, the breasts will look saggy. In fact, if you breastfeed your baby properly, it can help you prevent sore nipples, control your weight gain, and prevent saggy breasts.

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Regular Exercise and Lose your Weight Slowly

Doing exercises both during and after pregnancy will help you control your weight gain as well as regain your body shape easier. As weight gaining is one of the main reasons for saggy breasts, it means that doing exercise will help you prevent this problem. There are several activities that you can do to keep your breasts in good shape. Push up, yoga, swimming, or aerobic are the most common exercise for moms nowadays. However, remember not to work out too much or too intensively. It is normal that you may want to regain your body shape as soon as possible after birth. But when you lose weight too quickly, it doesn’t give your skin the chance to shrink down along with the weight loss. Therefore, it can hang down and look saggy. So its healthier to lose weight slowly. In addition, slower weight loss gives your skin the time to tighten up as your body shrinks in size. Let your body adjust itself naturally. Don’t forget to keep a healthy diet as well.  By doing so, your breasts will tighten and your skin’s elasticity will be better, limiting sagging breasts after giving birth.

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Use Moisturizers and Massage your Breasts

In addition to exercising, you can try to apply moisturizer on your breasts and massage them regularly. Doing massage on your boobs will stimulate your blood circulation there, boost your milk production, and keep them away from sagging. In addition, a healthy, moisturized skin may bounce back better than dry skin. Just be sure that you choose a product that’s safe for breastfeeding mothers. You should consult your doctor’s recommendation before you want to try a new product.

Take Warm Baths

If you have a habit of bathing in cool water, you may want to switch to warm water to bathe. A warm bath will help your blood to circulate faster and make breast tissue more bloated. In addition, you can massage your breast at the same time. Bath time massaging is believed to be more effective than usual. 

Choose A Suitable Nursing Bra

After giving birth, it is quite common among the new mothers nowadays is to not wear a bra regularly. The main reason for this habit is heat, discomfort, and inconvenience when breastfeeding. However, doing this may make it easier for your breasts to become saggy. A suitable bra will provide support to the ligaments in your breasts when they are growing bigger and filled with your breastmilk. 

There are several kinds of bras that you can pick. It is recommended that you use a nursing bra to support you. The nursing bra has a special feature – it can be opened to reveal the nipples for breastfeeding. It is designed with a large bra and reinforced breast pads, adjustable straps for extra support, extra hook, and good protection for the breast pads. Therefore, your breast will be provided with the support they need. And you will feel much more convenient while breastfeeding. Remember that the most important thing is to choose a bra designed with the right size, type, material, and feel comfortable for you to use.

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Estrogen Will help your Breasts

Scientists around the world have proved that estrogen is one of the important components that bring many benefits to postpartum women.  It will help your skin moisturized, become more elastic, and thicker. This nutrient also helps your body to develop the mammary gland in your breasts. Therefore, it will keep your breasts tighten and prevent sagging. So after you have weaned your baby, you may want to increase the supplement for estrogen in your diet. Foods that are rich in estrogen are soybeans, black beans, red beans, and peanuts. Along with increase your estrogen supplement, you also need to minimize the fat from oils and increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins B, E in your diet. 

Don’t Smoke, or Quit Smoking

Researches show that smoking accelerates the aging process. Aging causes tissues all over your body to lose their firmness. This is including the breast ligaments. Smoking specifically speeds aging by destroying elastin, a protein that helps skin remain supple. In addition, smoking can cause bad effects to your newborn. So stay away from smoking.

Practice Good Posture

Hunched shoulders and poor posture means that your breasts are unsupported. If you do not keep an eye on your posture, it may lead to your breasts saggy appearance. Therefore, you should keep your shoulders back and your spine straight as much as possible.

Wean Your Baby Slowly.

Along with keeping your boobs skin nice and elasticity, a proper weaning tactic will be a big help to keep your breasts beautiful. If you’re ready to begin weaning your baby,  you should do it gradually. Doing this will allow the fatty tissues enough time to redeposit in your breasts. You should decrease the frequency of nursing sessions little by little in order to restore your breasts  pre-pregnancy shape

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There you go, now you have our guide about tips to keep your breasts stay beautiful after childbirth. Do you have any other tips to help other mothers keep their boobs attractive? We’d love to see it in the comments!