The best toys for your 3-Year-Olds in 2020

baby with toys

Do you know that babies from 3-year-olds have more attention to the surrounding environment than smaller infants? They like to explore their small worlds with all their senses. Creating, building, pretending, imitating and solving puzzles are the common activities that they will do. To help them grow their skills as well as boost their brain development, choosing suitable toys is necessary for every parent. So what are these suitable toys? Check out our hottest toys for your preschooler this year:

1. Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set

When I first bought Magna-tiles, my child would play with Magna-Tiles for hours. These Magnetic titles allow children to extend their creativity. Each colorful tile is surrounded by magnets along their edges, which lets children stick them together to create awesome structures. Magna-Tiles improve fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, planning, and, when a structure collapses, resilience. I fully recommend getting this toy for your little one, I’m sure they’d enjoy it as much as my kids do!

Magna Titles box
A Magna-tiles set
Structure built from Magma-Titles
Structure built from Magma-titles

2. Small World Toys Neurosmith – Music Blocks

Your babies will have fun creating different melodies when they play with Music Blocks from Neurosmith. There are five blocks with different colors in the toy.   Each block side plays a unique measure of music, yielding more than one million possibilities. This irresistible music toy sparks endless exploration, while teaching colors, shapes, sequence, and cause and effect. As they enjoy their time creating, children develop lifelong cognitive skills. Here is an example video to make you understand the idea behind these wonderful toys:

Music blocks toys
Small World Toys Neurosmith – Music Blocks

3. Rubie’s MARVEL SUPER HERO Cape Set

Everyone loves superheroes, especially children. Having childhood superheroes help children to understand what is good, what is bad, justice and crime as well as the will to never give up. So it would be a mistake if we didn’t have any superhero toys on our list. This set of capes inspired by the famous Marvel’s Avengers who are every child’s favorite thanks to the highest box office movie of all times  “Avengers: Endgame”.There are 4 capes with matching masks for your children to choose so they can be the hero they want including Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America.

4. Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Tea Set

This adorable tea party set is a wonderful gift for both your boys and girls. While your child enjoying setting a party, pretending to make tea and playing with friends, teddy bears, and dolls, they will develop their early social skills, expand their creativity and encourage their communication

Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Pretend Play Tea Set
Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Pretend Play Tea Set
Girl  playing with tea set
Happy Teatime!!!!

5. Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

Introducing your child to technology is important. Some parents think that’s let  3 – 6 year-olds to interact with technology will make them lost fun with other toys and it will be bad for their health. However, with the right method, interacting with technology will help children learn faster and have more fun. The Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot is a great way to introduce technology to your child. This cute-looking robot has different modes to encourage the child to solve problems creatively, mix fun and education to help your child ready for  kindergarten

Robot toys
Fisher-Prince Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot

So there you have it, our complete guide for the hottest toy for your little ones. They will help your child to have fun as well as boost their development. Have you bought any of these for your kids? What do you think? Let us know in the comment?