The Benefits of Music for your Unborn Baby

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You will be surprised that your baby starts to learn about their surroundings quite soon. Research shows that your baby starts to learn since they are still in your womb. As your baby grows inside your belly, they can hear sounds from the outside world, and then they will get familiar with sounds they hear. Therefore, talking to your baby or playing music for them will have a great effect on your baby’s brain development. Here is our guide to help you understand more about the effect of music with your baby and what kind of music to play. 

The Impact Of Music On Your Baby’s Development

Since the 4th month of pregnancy, your baby’s major organs and body parts begin to take shape. It means that their ears are developed, and they can start hearing sounds from the outside world. Therefore, any of your activities, from reading books, listening to songs, or watching movies, will have certain effects on your baby. Babies likely start hearing sounds in the second trimester, but they begin to respond to various noises during the final trimester. Experts recommended that it is good to start helping your baby form and develop their emotions in this period. 

If you often play a song during pregnancy, your baby will hear and get familiar with it. After birth, your baby will recognize and get attracted to that song whenever you turn it on. Not only the music but talking to your baby will also help your baby. As your voice is conducted through your own body, when you talk, sing, or read aloud, your voice vibrates and amplifies inside of your body. This system helps your baby to learn your voice better and will have more warm reactions when they hear your voice. Moreover, as your emotions during pregnancy will affect your baby, listening to music will keep you relaxed

Notes on Playing Music for your Baby

Listening to pregnancy music is great for mom and fetus. However, high volume can cause bad effects on your baby’s hearing. The amniotic fluid in your uterus can transmit sounds quite well, so your baby will hear clearly what you are hearing. It is recommended that you do not turn the volume above 65 decibels (dB), which is equivalent to the volume of a hairdryer, washing machine, or vacuum cleaner operating at the smallest level. 

You should not play too much music at a time, should be divided into 2-3 times a day, 20 minutes each time. Choosing the place and position to listen to music is important as you must be relaxed. You can lie on the bed while listening to your favorite songs and massaging your body for example.

Best Time To Listen To Music During Pregnancy

As your baby often tends to stay awake when you sleep and vice versa, planning your time to listen to music may be tricky. You should choose the time when your body wants to rest and start to listen to music. 

At that time, you can just relax and focus on enjoying the music, not getting involved in any other work. Experts recommend that pregnant women listen to music in the early morning, at the start of the afternoon and before going to bed. 

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Things Your Baby Should Listen To During Pregnancy

In general, you can listen to many types of music for pregnant women depending on your personal preferences. Make sure to sing along the songs so your baby can learn your voice as well. If you’re stumped for good tunes, there are several playlists on musical websites that people have created just for pregnancy. Some focus on music for meditation, some focus on positive pop music. The options are endless. Here are some suggested genre

Classical music

This genre is considered to be the best pregnancy music for the fetus due to its gentle, melodious, and soft, calm rhythm. Most non-vocal songs have weak sound waves so playing them will not damage your baby’s hearing. There are a lot of choices for you in this genre. You can choose the famous symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, to name but a few. These songs often have 60 to 80BPM. They are similar to the human heartbeat frequency so they will help you easily relieve any stress, sadness, or anxiety. They also have a very good impact on the ability of your baby to perceive music.

Children’s Music

Needless to say, children’s music will be very suitable for your baby. With joyful, gentle, and lovely melodies. Your baby will feel playful, and their brain development will be improved. This will also give you a chance to learn some classic kid’s songs in preparation for their arrival!

Fairy tales, Fables, Stories

They may not be music, but playing stories or reading fairy tales to your baby during pregnancy is also good. Reading aloud to your baby in the womb is an amazing way to improve your bonds as they will learn your voice better. The tales you read evoke certain emotions in your baby. Moreover, your baby will get used to your reading tones and will be more excited when it comes to bed-time stories later. A lot of mothers shared that reading tales and stories to your baby daily both during and after pregnancy help the babies to pick up their first word sooner. Not only that but just like with children’s music, you can learn the stories before they arrive.

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Music plays a vital role in our life and your baby is no exception. We hope that our article will help you and your baby. We’d love to hear from you any songs or stories that you used for your baby. Please share it with us in the comments!