How to Deal with Baby Heat Rash

Heat Rash is the most common problem for the baby’s skin. Having a rash may make your baby feel very itchy and uncomfortable. You may want to help your little one to feel better, but you don’t know where the heat rash comes from and how to deal with it.  Don’t worry, it does not require medical treatment in most cases. Your baby’s skin will go back to normal after a short time with some of your help. We have collected some tips to help you identify the symptoms and deal with the rash. Let’s check them out

1. Where does heat rash come from?

Baby heat rash appears when your baby’s sweating too much. Normally, sweat will be released through the pores. However, as your baby’s skin is not completely developed, their pores are still small and can not contain too much sweat. As a result, excessive sweat will be trapped in the pores while continuing to try to reach your baby’s skin surface. The trapped sweat becomes red bumps or blisters – Heat rash. Heat rash often comes in summer, when the weather is hot

2. Symptoms of the Rash

Heat rash looks like tiny red moist red bumps. Heat rash is more likely to appear on your little one’s face, chest, neck, armpits, and diaper area as your baby produces more sweat in these areas.  You may find your baby cry more, try to scratch their skin, extra cranky and restless. Because the rash makes your baby itchy and tingly, they will become uncomfortable and even harder to sleep more than usual.

3. How to Prevent Heat Rash

The key to preventing heat rash is keeping your baby’s skin cool and dry. You can use a moisturizer that is suitable for your baby to make sure their skin stays moisturized. When changing your baby’s diaper, make sure the area is dry and clean before putting a new diaper on. Don’t let your baby spend too much time in the sun. Sunlight is good but too much sunlight in hot weather will make your baby sweat a lot and the rash will come. Besides, you should try to let your baby sleep in a cool area.

4. Tips to Treat Your Baby Heat Rash

Although Baby Heat rash normally goes away after 2 – 3 days, you still can help your baby with the following tips:

Keep your baby skin cool and the affected area dry

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 As heat rash is caused by your baby’s sweat trapping in their pores, keeping the area dry is the key to make the rash clear up on its own. You can use a mild cleanser and tepid water in bath time to soothe your baby’s skin. Moreover, Allowing your baby naked or just in a diaper is a great way to help their skin breathes and become drier. You should try to let your little one’s skin breathe for as much time as possible till the rash goes away.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothing.

Tight-fitting clothing will make the heat rash worse. They create the environment for the rash to develop and spread out as it makes your baby sweat more. Moreover, if your baby already has a rash, tight clothing will rub against your baby’s skin and make them even more uncomfortable. You should dress your baby in loose clothing made from soft and breathable material to help them soothe their skin and treat the heat rash.

Lower Your House Temperature

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Creating a cooler environment for your baby is one of the easiest ways to help their skin dry and make the rash clear up on its own. It is important to make sure that your baby does not sleep in a too hot environment. You should try to turn on a fan at low speed to keep your baby’s room not too warm at night (It’s also a great way to reduce the risk of SIDS)

Give your baby some space

Your baby often plays in their cradle or cribs as usual. However, you should let your baby play in wider spaces as cradles, cribs or car seats may make the environment surround your baby hotter and worsen the rash. You can let your baby crawling around the house and have fun  until their skin back to normal

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Keep eyes on your baby status

Babies are easier to get hotter than adults, so check your baby’s body temperature constantly to keep their skin cool and nice when fighting the heat rash. Also, trimming your baby’s nails will be a good idea. Your baby may feel itchy or pain at the rash area and will try to scratch there. Trimming their nails will protect them from hurting themselves.

Call your doctor if the rash gets worse

If the baby heat rash last longer than usual and your baby start having fever or lost appetite, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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Here are the tips to help you and your little one fight the baby heat rash as summer is coming soon. Let us know in the comment if you have any other tips to share