Guide to Prepare Your Older child for your Second Baby

A new baby will bring your family both joys and challenges. You may think that preparing for your second baby may be easier for you as you have all the experience of the first time pregnancy and you may be very excited about it. However, preparing your older child for the newborns may make you nervous especially if they are just a few years apart.. How to tell them they will have a little brother/sister? Will they be jealous? How can you help them to get along? Several questions may come up to you. Don’t worry, We got you covered. Here is our guide to prepare your older child for your second baby.

Let Your Older Child Love the New Baby since They are still in your womb

It is recommended that you let your older child get used to their siblings since they are still in the womb. There are several ways that you can announce the new baby to them. Explain to them about a new baby when they ask you about your “belly”. Tell them that the baby will be cute and cuddly but will also cry a lot and they will need a lot of attention. Also, make sure that your older child knows that it may be a while before he can play with the new baby. Let your child hold your belly and feel how the womb is growing. If you go for ANC, don’t forget to take your older child with you. Let them listen to the fetal heart and see the moving image of the baby in the womb. Doing this will evokes your child’s excitement and helps them understand sibling concepts. Therefore, they will be more excited to see and love the newborn.

Be Honest and Spent time with your Older Baby

As they are in their early years, your child is still very attached to you and does not yet understand how to share you with others. Therefore, they may be very sensitive to change and may feel anxious when by the idea of a new family member. So, have a conversation with them and inform them as soon as possible about the new sibling. Remember to be positive about the baby so your child can understand that this change in the family is good. You can try to show them their baby picture and tell them their babyhood stories. Doing this will help them to understand more about how to take care of a baby. Reassure your child that you will love them just as much after the baby is born as you do now. Before the baby is born, you should spend time play games, listen to music, or simply talk with them. Show them that you love him and want to do things with him. Also, make them feel a part of things by having him cuddle next to you when you feed the baby later.

Expect that your child may regress a little

It’s completely normal for your child to have different feelings about the new siblings day by day (or hour by hour). As your belly grow bigger, you may be unable to pick up an older child, it’s likely that your kid may be angry as they may think they are forgotten. Therefore, they may do things differently than usual to draw your attention. No matter how your child reacts, it’s important for you to listen carefully and not make your child feel bad. Especially if they are not acting warm-hearted to the idea of a new baby.

Questions to Ask When Adopting A Second Child

Picture books or Stories can help

It is natural that your older child may still unable to understand what is a sibling yet. A new baby may make them confused and don’t know what to do. Luckily, there are plenty of picture books, stories, and videos that can help you explain the concept with your kids. By using these tools, your child will find it much more interesting about having a sibling. Therefore, they will love to see their new brother or sister as well as learn how to take care of the baby.

Include Your Older Child in planing your new baby

This is a great ideal to raise your older kid’s expectation as well as make them less jealous when you have to spend time on the baby. Take them with you when you do shopping for the baby. By letting them help you choose the items for the newborn, they will feel more a part of the change and growth in the family. You can try to give them a doll or teddy bear so that they can practice taking care of a baby themself. Furthermore, you can let them help you decorate the baby’s nursery or choosing toys for their new sibling. Let them choose the baby nickname may also be a good idea to strengthen their bonds later.

There you go, now you have our guide to prepare your older child for your second baby. Do you have any tips to make older kids easier to accept their new siblings? We’d love to know in the comments!