Essentials you should Carry With a Baby

Going out with your child can be a daunting task. But with a bag already prepared with everything you need, you’ll feel equipped and ready in no time! We will cover two different types of essentials, the first will be a general day-to-day Kit. The second will be essentials for taking with you on excursions.

1. Day-to-day essentials

This kit is designed to keep on you anytime you are leaving the house with the kids and will contain the main essentials.

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Use some essentials to stay clean

You are going to want a pack of baby wipes. (you can usually pick up a travel pack for convenience). which will be helpful in so many situations.
Children like to explore and they tend to do this with their hands. Then, those hands end up in their mouth! So you’re going to want to pair the baby wipes off with some hand sanitizer. It’s best to make sure this is for sensitive skin as some hand sanitizers can be quite harsh.

Stay Protected

Probably one of the most important essentials in the day-to-day kit is sun lotion. Keeping your baby protected from the sun is vital, a baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than ours.

When buying sun lotion, you want to look for one that is designed for your child’s age. Many lotions contain different vitamins that will be beneficial for your child’s skin. You should also opt for the highest PH factor you can find to ensure you have the best protection. 

If your child is under 6 months, it is recommended to keep them out of any strong direct sunlight at all, so it is a good idea to also pack a sun hat in case you find yourself in harsh sunlight.

Stay Safe

You’re going to want antiseptic cream because there is no doubt at some point they are going to be playing, fall over and scrape their knee or elbow. You’re going to want to make sure you get some antiseptic cream on it before any germs get in there. A child’s immune system is still developing so protecting them from any nasty germs or bacteria is very important. Make sure you have a pack of band-aids too.

Stay Prepared

If you have a baby that isn’t quite potty trained yet, then you’re going to want to pack a few spare nappies in case of any accidents they may have, with this it may also be a good idea to pack a spare pair of underwear. 
If your child is going through teething then it will definitely be a good idea to pack a small tube of teething gel and a teething toy to soothe the pain. 

It would also be a good idea if your child uses a pacifier to pack up an extra in case they lose it. spare Diapers, spare underwear, and a spare pacifier are all musts for your day-to-day kit.

You’re going to want to think about what gives your child comfort too. Maybe it’s their favorite teddy bear or blanket. It would be a good idea to pack one just in case they become upset. You will have something on hand to help calm them down.

When it comes to feeding time, there are going to be a few things that will be useful. If your child is eating solid foods then you will want a small set of travel utensils that are usually packaged and a lot easier to carry. If your child is still using formula or breastfeeding, then you may want to carry a spare bottle. You will also want to carry a bib to stop any mess that may be caused when feeding.

2.Essentials for Camping or Schools Trip

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If you like to take your child camping or they’re at the age where they may be going on school trips, you may want to pack them up a kit to take with them, you’re going to want to pack most of the stuff from the day-to-day kit (depending on their age, you can leave some stuff out of course)

Pack enough essentials

The first thing to think about is the length of the trip to ensure you don’t over or under pack, if the trip is just one day, then the day-to-day essentials may cover everything that is needed, but if it is longer, it would be good to include a few extras. 

One of the most important things is to make sure your child is aware of what you have packed for them, there is no point packing up sun lotion or band-aids if they don’t know it’s there.

Food and water

Let’s start super basic: Food and water. Pack enough water to last them for the whole journey, the last thing you want is for your child to get dehydrated, especially during summer. 

Then you’re going to want to pack some snacks, it would be good to pack some fresh fruit but also pack something that may last a little longer such as some protein bars so they won’t run out in case they get hungry.


If your child takes any medication or has any allergies then make sure you pack enough medication or EpiPens to last the whole trip and it is always a good idea to pack extra in case they lose some.

You may want to pack in a small flashlight in case they find themselves in a dark situation and if your child has a cell phone, it would be a good idea to pack a small portable charger for cases when they may not be able to charge their phone, if they get into an emergency this could be vital. 

Of course, each child is different so when packing, make sure to take into account what your child likes, needs and wants. Ensure you’re happy with everything you have packed. It can seem like a lot of stuff to carry but, your child’s safety is the most important thing. When shopping why not look for travel-sized items to cut down space they would take up. 

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