8 Tips To Deal With Your Baby’s Gas

Having a bloated baby makes them feel uncomfortable and harder to soothe. This can be caused by different factors but in most cases, the gas produced in your baby’s digestive system is the reason.   You may see your baby burp, vomit, have a distention, constantly fart a lot, or have trouble sleeping. To help you make your baby feel better, here are 8 tips to deal with your baby’s gas.

1. Put a little Pressure on The Baby’s Stomach

Letting your baby lie on their tummy is a great idea to help your baby. By putting a little pressure on your baby’s belly, it will help them to push the trapped gas in their body out. You should wait at least 30 minutes after breastfeeding to allow your baby’s belly to settle before doing this though.

2. Burp your Baby During and After Breastfeeding

Let your baby stop eating when switching sides during breastfeeding or after a certain time so that they can burp once or twice. For bottle-feeding, let your baby stop after a certain amount of milk as your baby may swallow air too quickly during a feed. Letting them burp once in a while will reduce the amount of air swallowed. Some experts recommend that you burp your baby every 5-10 minutes while feeding, especially for the first few weeks.

Burp your baby

3. Massage Your Baby’s Belly to Reduce Gas

While the baby lies on their back, gently rub their belly in a clockwise motion and then gently pull their hands down along the curve of the abdomen. Massaging in a clockwise direction helps to move gas along as that is the route the intestinal tract follows. Repeating this process several times a day will help your baby move the trapped gas.

4. Take note of your diet

It is very rare, but sometimes your diet may be the cause of them feeling bloated.  Sometimes your baby may be allergic to some of the foods that you eat that lead to increased gas production. Make a food diary, keep track of the food you eat if you see symptoms of bloating. By doing this, you can find out what food is the cause and avoid those foods.

5. Feed Your Baby Less but More Frequently

Remember that your baby’s stomach is still small, so she doesn’t need as much milk as you may think. Therefore, feeding your baby too much at a time will not be a good idea. You should try to nurse your baby more frequently for a shorter time. As a rule of thumb, feed your baby twice as often and half as much. 


6. Gas Drops Are a Good way

Gas drops like Simethicone will break down bubbles of gas trapped in your baby’s stomach and intestine. It is not absorbed by the body and therefore considered quite safe for babies. However, you should always call your doctor before taking any form of new drug, in case of allergies.

7. Bicycle Your Baby’s Legs

To help your baby push the trapped gas out, you can hold your baby’s legs, moving them in a circular motion like your baby is cycling. Doing this can help to move the intestines and release gas trapped lower in the abdominal tract. Take a break after each time and then gently press your baby’s knees into the abdomen for extra pressure.

Bicycle your baby's legs

8. Patience Is Important

For most babies, the most effective treatment for a bloated belly is time. As their digestive system is still immature, your baby takes more time to push the trapped gas out. So be patient if you can’t find a clear cause. Over time your baby’s digestive system will grow complete and deal with the gas itself.

Now you have the guide of 8 tips to deal with your baby’s gas. Do you have any other tips to deal with a bloated belly? Share with us in the comments!