5 Tips to Boost Your Child’s Health Before School

Schools are where your children will learn and grow cognitively, develop social skills, and become independent individuals. However, in such crowded places like schools, it is easy for germs and different kinds of viruses to spread. As your baby immune system still not fully developed yet, you may find them sometime has a tendency to get sick quite often. If your kids are about to start going to childcare, pre-school, or school, you may want to improve their health to keep them away from the illnesses. To help you do that, here are our tips to boost your child’s health before they start school. 

1. Let your Child Practice good Personal hygiene

Just by some simple actions of your children such as using unclean hands to rub on their eyes or mouth after playing can increase the risk of sickness.  Therefore, handwashing is very important to prevent your children from germs and bacteria in their classes or anywhere else. So you should guide your kids to wash their hands regularly, especially after blowing her nose, using the bathroom, and before eating. By doing this, you will help them reduce the risk of getting sick as well as prevent them from spreading the germ, bacteria, or virus to others.  On top of that, you also should remind your little ones to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. If they have touched a common surface like door handles, escalator handrails, or crosswalk buttons. They might pick up some germs and transfer them directly onto their face, which can have bad effects on their health.

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2. A Healthy Diet to Boost Your Child’s Health

As mentioned, your child’s immune system is still not fully developed yet. Therefore, improving your child’s immune system is a top priority to minimize the risk of getting sick. Research shows that your diet will affect strongly on your health, so it’s important that your baby gets all the right nutrients they need in daily diet to boost their immunity. Yogurt, Vegetables, Fruit, and Lean meat are foods that are highly recommended by experts to boost your family’s immune system. You can try to mix and alternate different recipes to make tasty and healthy dishes for your baby. 

3. Good Sleep Habits Will Improve Your Baby’s Health

If your child does not get enough sleep, this can negatively affect their immune system and make them more susceptible to falling sick once exposed to any viruses. Having good sleep habits will benefit not only your child’s physical health but also benefit their mental health as well. Good sleep will help them feel better and reduce their stress. Therefore, you should guide your kids to go to bed on time for a long goodnight sleep. Experts recommended that toddlers need about 12 to 13 hours of sleep, preschoolers need 11 to 12 hours, and primary school kids should sleep for about 10 to 11 hours.

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4. Let Your Baby have Plenty of Exercise and Outdoor Activities

We all know that doing exercise, sports or outdoor activities is a great way to improve everyone’s health.  You should spend time guiding and doing sports like cycling, soccer, or just simply running around the playground. Doing activities will help your baby reduce their stress, strengthen their bone structure, build their muscle, prevents obesity, and improve their immune systems. On top of that, your little one’s attention span, thereby reducing the chance of them having ADHD. Remember to keep their hands cleaned after playing outside to reduce your child’s risk of getting colds, flu, and other infections.

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5. Tooth Decay maybe a Big Health Problem

Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions affecting the health of toddlers nowadays. If your baby has a serious sweet tooth, you should limit their sugar intake. A diet in high sugar can not only lead to tooth decay but may be related to different health conditions including diabetes and obesity. You should try to let them have fruit or vegetable juice instead of junk drinks. In addition, desserts, sodas, ice creams should be given on special occasions only.  Guiding them to brush their teeth regularly is also crucial to keep your baby’s teeth healthy.  

There you go, now you have our guide about 5 tips to boost your child’s health before they start school. Do you have any other tips to keep the little ones healthy? Please let us know in the comments!