5 Best Games for Your 1-Year-Olds

When it comes to games, no baby can resist it, no matter how old they are, girls or boys. Playing games with 1-year-olds is not complicated as they are not small babies anymore but surely not toddlers as well. Moreover, their curiosity grows bigger as their senses and movement skills develop. So it will be ideal if you play games with them, have fun and master those skills at the same time. Let’s find out the games you should play with your 1 – year – olds.

1. Blocks Tower 

Babies LOVE stacking things, especially blocks. To start this game Just bring a box of colorful bricks to your baby and guide them on how to stack the blocks.  Your baby will sit still for like 20 minutes, try to mimic you or create other shapes themselves. I was so proud when I first saw my boy’s focused face when trying to build a tower. But the best part is when your children finish to stack a tower and destroy it with one hit, they will have A LOT of fun. By building and destroying, this game helps your baby to develop the abilities of their little finger ( touching, grabbing) as well as concentration and quick thinking. 

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2. Puzzles Games

Babies are the puzzle masters. The same as the building blocks, they love breaking the puzzles apart and putting them back together. Jigsaw puzzles are great for your babies, they can be the picture of cute animals, cars, cartoon characters that your babies love. In fact, you can create your jigsaw puzzle with your pictures, print it out and it will be a good gift for your child. Of course, you should start with a small number of pieces and increase it little by little. By solving puzzles, your babies will have fun discovering the world around them as their hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and memory skills develop.

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3. Peek A – Boo

Peek-a-boo is the simplest game that we all know how to play but it sure will crack your babies up every time. My boy loves this game and looking at his body jiggle as he laughs is one of the greatest moments in my life.  You can sometimes alternate your way of playing this game with different phrases like “Where is the baby?” and then “There he is!”. No matter what variation of the game, your baby will burst into laughter. This game is great to strengthen your bonds, keep your baby happy, and strengthen their ability to sport things.

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4. Let’s Dance

We all know that since they were in your womb, music has been a part of your baby’s life. Your baby will listen to different kinds of music as they discover the world around them. Classical music, lullabies, funky kids music or any other rhythm that may appear when you are shopping with your babies. There is no doubt that music will make their little bodies shake. As your babies are developing the skills to stand up and walk, dancing will help them to master the

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skills better. So dance with your babies, guide their movements, find out your children’s favorite songs.

5. Throw and Catch Games

Another simple game but very fun to play. Get something small and soft like a bouncy ball, throw it in the air and guide your child to catch it and throwback. Try a joke when they miss or praise them when they catch the ball. Their reflexes and movement abilities will be better as they master the game while they are laughing and enjoy the game. Later when they grow up you can change this game to small baseball practice and who knows if they may become baseball superstar someday

Here are the best games for your 1–year–old. Do you have any other games that your kids enjoyed ? Share with us in the comment!