Learning Through Toys

Learning Through Toys

Toys are not just things to play with but, they can play an important role in child’s physical and mental development. Toys are an excellent way to stimulate your child’s intelligence. Here is some information about the intellectual benefits of different toys.

Every child loves to play with toys but they are more than just a plaything. They can also stimulate children to develop, both physically and mentally. There is a wide variety of toys available, each one with its own special features. Toys that encourage your child to enhance his learning skills are a great way to educate your child before he begins school. Read about the benefits of some popular toys.



Boosting Learning Skills Through Toys

Almost all toys are educational in a way. Playing with them encourages your child to explore his environment and go beyond what he already knows. Here are the ways in which toys stimulate your child:

Hands-On Toys:

Toys that require your child to physically move them about are called hands-on toys. For example, puzzles, jigsaws, etc. These toys promote hand-eye co-ordination. They also encourage problem-solving skills by allowing him to take things apart and put them back together.

Books and Music:

Even if your child cannot read yet, books are still important to him. The pictures in them appeal to his visual senses. When you read, he learns new words and their meanings. Music allows your child to experience different sounds and appreciate them.

Art Materials:

Different kinds of art materials stimulate your child to explore his creative side. He learns to make different items out of basic materials. This is a stepping-stone to developing reading and writing skills, where he will learn to form different sentences using the same words.


Blocks are primarily related to mathematical skills. Different shaped blocks introduce your child to geometrical concepts like squares, circles, etc. When he places the blocks one on top of the other, it allows him to look for ways to balance the blocks.

Musical Instruments and Experimental Materials:

Experimental materials refer to clay, sand, and water. These materials are a good tool for your child to explore his sense of touch. Similarly, musical instruments appeal to a child’s sense of rhythm and harmony. Playing with these items allows him to experience a sense of control over his surroundings.

Role of The Parent

Toys are a great educational tool as long as they are used appropriately. This is where parents come in. Although toys are designed for certain ages, not all toys in an age group will appeal to a child. When you play with your child, you are able to examine your child’s interests and development rate. Consequently, you can purchase toys that will appeal to your child’s interests.

You can also direct your child’s playing style if you play with him. For example, engaging in pretend play sessions helps your child develop a more complex way of thinking. This in turn leads to advanced intellectual growth.

Playing with toys is an introductory phase of your child’s academic life. The most expensive toys are not always the best though. Toys are truly beneficial only when they appeal to your child and match his abilities.

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