10 Things You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant is wonderful. Although it does come with some challenges along the way. There are a lot of things you can do that will affect your baby’s development since they are still in your womb. Of course, different things will have an effect on both you and your baby. So it’s good to know what you need to avoid and what is safe. Here is our guide to the things you should avoid during pregnancy. 

Raw or undercooked food

Nutrition is one of the keys to your health in general and especially when you are pregnant. Now you not only supply nutrients to your body but to your baby as well.  Choosing suitable foods will keep both you and your baby healthy. Raw or undercooked seafood like sushi, mussels, and clams are the first foods you should avoid. They can easily be contaminated, therefore giving you food poisoning. Other food like beef should be cooked through for the same reason

Some recommended nutrients for you are Lean proteins, healthy fat, a lot of vegetables & fruits and water.

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Chemical products to avoid

The toxicity of chemicals may affect your baby’s development. These chemicals can be anywhere. If you want to paint your nursery, try to use low or zero VOC paints or ask somebody for help instead as there is no way to measure toxicity from actual exposure to paint. Furthermore, your skincare and makeup ingredients (including nail polish) may contain different kinds of chemicals as well. Fortunately, there are a number of companies out there that do provide makeup made from all-natural ingredients. There are also certain kinds of medications that can be harmful to your growing baby. Make sure to speak to your doctor before taking any medications

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High heels

You may want to rethink your footwear during your pregnancy. We recommend swapping your normal high heels to some comfortable flat-heeled shoes. As your baby grows, your body’s center of gravity will change too. Wearing high heels will make you a little bit unsteady on your feet. A fall at this time will not only hurt you but also hurt your baby as well. If you still have to wear high heels, try heels which are 3 –inches or less.

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Taking too much Caffeine

Enjoying a cup of coffee when pregnant is not a big deal. However, taking too much caffeine a day will affect your health as well as your baby. If you take too much caffeine a day, it will increase your blood pressure, heart rate and the number of trips you make to the restroom. Researchers found that when you drink more than 200mg of caffeine a day your children may have low birth weight. So do not cross that line. Remember that caffeine not only comes from coffee, but it can also be in tea, soda, and chocolate as well.

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Hot tub and Sauna

During pregnancy, some symptoms often make you feel tired and have back pain. However, chilling in a hot tub or sauna are not recommended for pregnant women especially in the first trimester. The hot tub often maintains water temperature around 104 °F. Research shows that an elevated body temperature during the first trimester can lead to certain birth defects. So you should try a warm bath instead of a hot tub or a sauna.

Hard Diets to Lose Weight

You may feel hungry frequently and eat a lot more than usual. As a result, your weight grows quickly. This is very normal because your baby needs more nutrients to complete organs and get ready to come out into the world. You may be afraid of being overweight after birth and going on hard diets. This action is completely wrong and will bring different risks to your baby. You should try to eat normally to help your baby develop well. Ask your doctor for advice to slow down the weight gain rate if it is too high but say no with hard diets at all costs.

Doing Hard Works

Doing hard work can make your blood pressure lower as well as disrupt the nutrition delivery to your baby. There is a chance that you may fall during hard work and hurt both you and your baby. This will slow down your baby’s development. It can lead to miscarriage in the early months and premature birth in the last trimester. Even if you work in an office but doing a big load of work and staying for hours in front of the computer, it will have a bad effect on your baby’s development. You should always be relaxed, keep a good mood and especially not so much work!

Avoid Sitting Or Standing For A Long Time

Staying in the same pose for too long may make your legs cramp or cause vein problems. You should do some exercise or walk as much as possible. It helps your blood circulate well and you will feel more comfortable, easier to breathe, sleep well and your health will be improved. In the last trimester, you should remember to abstain from lying down or sitting in one place for too long.

Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and Smoking during pregnancy are some things that you must avoid.

Drinking beer, wine or any other kind of alcohol when you are pregnant is really dangerous. Alcohol can pass through your bloodstream to your baby, and this can harm your developing baby’s brain and organs. It can also lead to different risks such as premature birth, brain damage or miscarriage.

Smoke in general and especially the smoke from cigarettes is bad for your baby. It does not matter if you are smoking personally or breathing secondhand smoke from other sources. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and some of them are causes of cancer. Smoking can cause serious problems for you and your baby’s health.

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If you used to have the habits of drinking or smoking, you should contact your doctor for advice in giving up these actions

Doing Everything By Yourself

Every pregnant mother needs good care from family, friends and so do you. You’re carrying a baby inside of you, so it may be an inconvenience for you to do usual things normally. Don’t be shy or try to do everything by yourself, asking for help will always be welcome. Contacting your doctor and asking for advice is a great idea if you find any problems during your pregnancy period. 

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So, there’s our guide to 10 things you should avoid when you are pregnant. Do you have any other tips you want to share with other new mothers? Share with us in the comments!