10 Signs That Your Baby is Developing Healthily

Giving birth to a baby is a great moment for any woman, especially if it is the first time you become a parent.  However, the postpartum care task will be much more arduous. As a mother, you never stop worrying about your children. Seeing your children grow up strong and healthy day by day may be the most desired thing for you. So how to identify that your baby is developing healthily? Here are 10 signs to help you.

Your Baby Demands Breastfeeding Frequently

Research shows that every baby is born with an instinctive suckling instinct, so when you put something near their mouth, they may begin to suck it. This is an instinct to help them find your breast during breastfeeding without any guidance. If your baby demands to breastfeed frequently, it means that they have a good appetite and their digestive system is developing well. You should also notice if your baby makes gulping sound when they swallow milk as it shows that they are feeding well.

Your Baby is Easy to Soothe With Your Voice

Your baby learns about sounds since they are still in your womb. In the pregnancy period, the most familiar sounds for them are the mother’s voice – your voice.  As the voice becomes an important part of your baby’s existence, it will form a miracle connection between you and your baby. After they are delivered, any time your baby hears your voice, they will respond warmly. If This is a sign that your baby is on the right track for emotional development. Other good signs are your voice can soothe your baby, help them sleep well, and easily draw their attention. These signs show that your baby is hale and hearty.

You Need To Change Your Baby’s Diaper 4 – 6 times Per Day

The ways your baby poop and pee also reflect their development. It is recommended that your baby should be wetting 4 – 6 diaper per day. It is the same no matter if you breastfeed your baby or using formula milk. Changing diaper 4 – 6 times per day means that your baby is well-fed and hydrated. You may also notice a considerable weight gain in your baby in the first few weeks after birth. If you find your baby demanding fewer diapers in a day or they do not gain weight, it can mean that they are not feeding well. In this case, the milk supply is not good enough or your baby is having some problems in their digestive system. There fore, it will be harder for them to absorb all the nutrients. You should consult your doctor immediately for further advice.  In addition, darker colored urine may indicate that your baby is not hydrated.

Your Baby Gets The Adequate Weight And Height

Your baby will get their weight and height measured every time you take them to the doctor. Keeping track of your baby’s weight and height measurement will help you know if your baby is developing healthily or not. During the first 6 months, babies can normally gain 15 to 7 oz of weight and ½ to 1 inch of height every week. In fact, they normally are twice bigger at 5 months and 3 times bigger when they reach 1 year of age compared to birth time. So if your baby reaching these standards, they are developing healthily. You can also ask your doctor for the ideal weight and height for your baby.

Your Baby Looks at You and Smiles

Many people think that a newborn baby does not know how to communicate, but the truth is not so. One-month-old babies are able to make eye contact with their mother. When they reached 2 months, they can start smiling at you at times. By the time your baby reaches 4 months of age, they may giggle out loud. At 5 months old, your baby will pay attention when you are talking to them and smile back at you. This indicates that your baby is developing their communication skills rapidly. By mimicking your voice and tone, soon you will find your baby start making sounds and babbling. This milestone also shows that they are developing healthily and aware of their surroundings.

Your Baby Observes Everything Around Them Constantly

At birth, your newborn ability to see is still very limited. They can only see things in close distance ( about 8 – 12 inches)  or just see blurred things. As their eyes getting better when they are older, your baby’s vision will be improved gradually. Your baby will start looking and focusing on objects that are farther. So if you find your baby stare at something like a ceiling fan, pinwheel, colorful things, that means your baby is growing normally and healthy.

Your Baby React to New Sounds 

As mentioned, it is an amazing fact that your baby can hear sounds since they are still in the womb. However, your baby won’t be able to recognize and respond to different sound right after birth. But just in a few months, you may find your baby move their body to the sounds of music, televisions, toy, and other sounds. The ability to hear and react to new sounds is a good sign that your baby is developing well.

Your Baby Stool Is Normal

Depending on the food and their digestive system, each baby will have a different frequency poop. Some babies can poop  2 times a day but others may poop only one in two days. This is completely normal and you don’t have to worry. However, if your baby stools become unusual with features like a strange smell, harder shape or your baby find it hard to passing poop, you need to be careful. Your baby may suffer some digestive disorders that make them uncomfortable.

Your Baby Sleeps Well

Sleep is important for the comprehensive development of babies, especially the baby’s nervous system. As your baby grows, their improved nervous system will help them get into various schedules and sleep is one of them. If your baby sleeps well, they will be happy and comfortable, thereby indicating a healthy development. 

Your Baby Reach Movements Milestone

When your baby is one month or older, you may find them lifting their head by themself. By the time they reach three months,  they may be able to lift their head for a longer time by lying on their tummy. This is a great sign that your baby has control over their muscles and thus trying to make various movements. By six months of age, your baby may roll on both sides, sit with support. By the time they are one year old, you should see them crawl, stand, and walk with support. Reaching these movements milestone shows that your baby is developing extremely healthily.

There you go, now you have the signs that your baby is developing healthily. Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments!