10 Must-have Winter Accessories For Your Baby

Keeping your baby warm and cozy in chilly winters can prove to be a challenging task. Dress up your baby in warm clothes already very crucial to cover and protect them from the cold wind. However, you also need to add some other winter accessories to help tackle the crackling weather.  In this article, we will provide you some general tips to dress your baby in winters as well as the 10 must-have winter accessories for your baby. Let’s check them out!

General Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Winter

Online Stores Are Great Source

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s a wise choice to shop for any kind of goods online. This includes any baby-related items. However, it doesn’t mean that your shopping experience will be limited. 

Several online stores offer great discounts and bonuses for baby winter clothes for every parent to stock up their child’s wardrobe for the upcoming season. So in case you are looking for good quality and affordable winter accessories for your baby, we highly recommend you check out our favorite collection from this link and grab the best deals currently available!

Online shopping

Layers Your Baby Up 

The most basic way to keep your baby warm and cozy during winters is to layer up without compromising your baby’s comfort. You should always dress your baby in one extra layer compared to the number of layers you are wearing. You can always remove some layers easily if your baby starts to feel warm or sweaty.

Consider The Materials 

Choose fabrics that keep the body of your little one warm rather than making them wear several layers of clothes. Thermal clothing is a good choice as they are soft, comfortable, and lightweight. Moreover, you should go for materials that do not get wet whenever you take your baby outdoors due to the high amount of moisture in the air. Wet clothes may cause a high risk of frostbite to your little one.

Zip-Ups Are Your Friends

Your baby’s clothes may get a spill or get dirty throughout the day. It can be pretty frustrating to keep up and get your baby some fresh clothes in time. Therefore, items that feature zip-ups are heaven in this case as they are easy to put on and remove, making changing clothes extremely efficient.

Essential Winter Accessories for Your Baby


Keep in mind that your infant isn’t moving or walking like you so that they won’t generate the same amount of body heat. Their tiny toes and feet will need extra cover to keep them toasty. Therefore, socks are essential for your baby in cold weather. A cute wool pair of socks will be the way to go. You’ll also want to put extra layers on your baby’s extremities, especially if you are carrying your baby in a carrier outside your jacket.

Colorful baby socks


A snowsuit or fleece bunting with fold-over cuffs may be enough for your baby on mild days. This will be especially true if you are babywearing in your jacket or using a stroller bunting bag. For extra chilly days, keep your baby’s feet toasty with some booties.

You should go for booties that are water and wind-resistant to keep the wind and cold out. Some may even have adjustable toggles so that they won’t fall off easily. In addition, soft, skid-resistant soles are also recommended for your baby’s developing feet.

Mittens or gloves

Just like how socks and booties protect your little one’s feet, mittens will keep their tiny fingers safe from the cold wind. Apart from insulating function, mittens are also an excellent method to prevent your infant from scratching their face or sucking their thumbs, which may negatively affect their health.


Winter Hats

Your baby’s head is probably the most exposed part of their body to the cold weather. Therefore,  a warm and comfy hat or beanies will be the perfect choice to protect their little head. You should look for ones that fasten under the chin either with a tie or with Velcro. This will help prevent your baby from taking it off.

Baby knited bear hat

Blankets/ Towels

You’ll never have more blankets than when you have a baby. Always pack a few extra blankets as they can work wonders for adding some extra warmth. For instance, you can use them to tuck around your baby carrier or to put your baby in the stroller. Or you can use them as the first layer to dry and cover your baby up when they finish a winter bath.

Baby in cute towel


Don’t forget sunglasses for your baby or toddler. The reflection off the snow can be incredibly bright, and some babies can be pretty sensitive to bright lights.

Baby floral sunglasses

Sleeping Bag

The cozy and soft interiors of the sleeping sack safeguard your little one from chilling winter even if they are layered up well and enable them to sleep tight as well.

cute baby sleeping bag

Crawling Knee Pads

Baby Cute Knee Pads

If your kiddos are in the crawling phase, these knee pads are great to protect your baby from sharp objects and the cold floor.

Stroller Weather Shield

Even if the temperature is not that cold, it’s vital to block the wind since your baby’s face will still be exposed. A weather shield for strollers is the best way to keep a baby warm in a stroller. Even in -25°C (-13°F) weather, our kids were still toasty warm inside the stroller when we used a weather shield along with all our other recommended winter gear for babies.

Baby in stroller

Car Seat Cover

One of the best infant winter essentials is a car seat cover. This allows you to put your baby in the car seat with only your baby’s clothes, covered with a blanket. The car seat cover will offer extra protection from the wind and cold. This is great for quick moves from the car to the stroller.

Cute baby in car seat

For extra cold days, you may need to put an extra warmth layer on your baby once you are ready to move your baby out of the car.

Bottom Line

And there you go, now you have our 10 Must-have winter accessories for your baby. If you have any other suggestions, please drop a comment for us!